Broken Arrow Campground and Horse Camp
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Custer, SD 57730

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Broken Arrow backs up to the Black Hills National Forest. There are hundreds of miles of trails - both marked and unmarked, with varied terrain.  Owner Sue and camp hosts frequently ride the trails - join them as they hit some tried and true trails, as well as explore the area.

We have marked trail, continue to map trails for guests, and have descriptions.  You can ride for weeks here without retracing many of your steps.  Forest Service Roads are marked - maps available at the Visitor Center on 385 just north of the town of Custer.  These roads

We recommend shoes due to the rocky nature of some trails. 

We are at 5,400 feet - so plan on a shorter first day ride so your horses can acclimate to the thin air. 

Join a group going out, or explore on your own. GPS coordinates for many of the trails are available to download.

  • Beecher Rock  - a recognizable geologic landmark.  This is about a 3 hour RT ride from camp...mostly in the shade.  Tie up horses near the top and climb for an amazing view of the countryside - including Wyoming. 

  • Blue Bell Lodge in Custer State Park - this is an all day ride and count on lunch either in the lodge, or pack your own and enjoy the picnic tables under the tall pines.  You cross French Creek and can water horses close to the Park at other spots.  Bison, Marmots, Chipmunks, Deer, Elk, Wild Burros, Red Squirrels have all been spotted by riders on different rides. 

  • Stockade Lake - heading towards Custer, but veering off to the North so the end zone is a beautiful Black Hills Lake.

  • Heaven - no other word describes how close you feel to the Creator when you reach the plateau of this climb.  There are two ways to do this ride: the loop involves a long, hard climb that is rocky, then riding the plateau over a rocky trail.  You are in the shade most of this side of the mountain.  Then you take the gentler slope back down:  wide open spaces, sunshine galore, and views, views, views.    Some folks choose to "up and back" the same gentle slope if horse or rider are looking for a more relaxed ride.

Though you can ride for weeks from the camp, so folks have a bucket list that includes:  Harney Peak,  Mt. Rushmore, French Creek, Wind Cave, the Mikkelson Trail...and other trails we've not had time to explore yet.  For this reason, there are stock trailers you can rent from Broken Arrow Campground for day use.  You do not have to disconnect (or reconnect) to explore off-site trail heads.
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